Hey, I'm Arielle! I'm a freelance illustrator, writer, and comic artist based in New York. I make illustrations, usually with fashionable young people wearing clothes I wish I had. I've gotten to work for some cool places like Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Audible, and the Smithsonian! When I'm not drawing, I watch too many videos of Broadway divas belting their faces off.

You can find more of my work at my website or contact me directly at arielle.jovellanos@gmail.com. Or follow me @joviellety!


Shop Manager Jaemie is an average nursing student by day, but the store manager by night! She likes food, dogs, musicals, selfies, Spongebob, anime, superheros (*ahem* Captain America *ahem*), and true crime podcasts. She is also the mother of a majestic, beautiful, wonderful weiner dog named Jam Jam. Follow more of her adventures at @jaemietheawkwardflamingo.

Product Photographer Ally is a photographer and content creator that captures magic in her camera! She likes plants, a well-organized calendar, thrift stores, things made out of wood, and crystals. When she’s not bringing you visual vibes, you can find her at the farmer’s market with way too many mason jars. Ally also has a cute cat who likes to sit on her face as she sleeps. Find more of her work at @hellokalequeen.